Google Adsense for beginner

Google Adsense for beginner

Are you confused and wondering what
does Google Adsense even means?
If Yes!

Then this is the best place for you to be.

I have written this article keeping in mind that you didn’t even hear of Google Adsense. This word sounds
interesting and so does the meaning. So grab a bucket of popcorn and start reading.

Google Adsense is quite similar to Google Adword. The only difference is that Google Adword Ads can only
be displayed on Google and Google partner sites such as Youtube.

Let’s make it easier to understand.
Here I am assuming that you know what Google AdWords is.
At least it’s definition.


You know, Google AdWords Ads appear on Google Search Engine result page(SERP) and youtube.
But just giving you more information it also appears on many other sites which are google display
partners such as, and many more.

I will ask you a question here.

What if you want to run Ads on the sites which are not Google display partners? How will you run
these Ads?

The answer is Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is a way of advertising
on other sites which are not Google display Partner.
Here is an example which can give you a
better understanding.
This must have happened to you many times
that, while you are reading a blog and an ad
related to the blog content appears on the
right side or on the top of the blog.
These are the Google Adsense ads.


If you have understood this, then you are on the verge of becoming an expert in this.



You must understand how Google Adsense works?

Suppose you have a blog about fitness. And I am one who sells fitness and exercise tools.
I have targeted some keywords such as (Running shoes, Dumbbells etc.) for my Adsense ads.
And your blog contains some of these keywords. Then my ad will appear on your blog page.

But will this benefit you?
Yes, you will be paid every time my ad is clicked. This is known as CPC( Cost per click).

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