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Faq’s Frequently asked questions


What is online reputation management?

Online reputation management is a way to protect a company or person from negative online publicity.


How do you get a lot of Twitter followers?

It’s about writing and curating valuable content, being a strategic follower, and building relationships


Why do I need a video?

Video also increases your online visibility. Businesses who display a video on their Youtube or Social Media Business Profile receive 25% more clicks and calls than those without one.


What does a website audit consist of?

This will vary with the site that is being audited. It will include a review of technical compliance, on-page items, high-level content analysis. More robust audits by us may include some competitive intelligence, link intelligence and additional off-page analysis.


Do you offer mobile traffic?

Yes, we do! Mobile traffic is available from the United States, UK, and Canada for now. With a maximum campaign size of 100,000 visitors. This is a very accurate traffic with low bounce rate and we recommend our customer to use it.


Do you provide content updating/content rewriting services?

Yes, we do. We know the importance of fresh content in attracting search engine bots and customers, hence, we also offer content updating services.